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C o n c e r t s

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Thank you so much for the concert. It was amazing, probably the best choir that I have heard! Just fantastic. 

Félicitations pour l’excellente prestation de la chorale dimanche. Vous méritez bien d’en être fière. C’était réellement très inspirant. J’ai été très impressionnée par la qualité de la présentation, tant au niveau du chant, des voix et de la musique.


WOW! - our much overused word for everything under the sun - 

but THAT was the real thing - what an amazing Sunday afternoon-ful of music. 



….the wonderful sound of your many voices - hushed, crescendoing - 

the many voices of the orchestra in tune with yours -

the gorgeous voices of the soloists, measured, swelling, soaring - 

his was so rich, & I’m not usually soprano fan but she was thrilling!! 

All the people involved in the whole enterprise - 

 all the time, the rehearsing, the coordination 

  for a single performance - 

   of such complex work -

a moving, wonderful, formidable achievement. CONGRATULATIONS. 

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